Your journey toward new patterns of movement and inner alignment knows many paths:


In a MindbodyPlus session you can expect a hands-on session by Galina Rohleder, drawing from her vast and longstanding wealth of experience in many different bodywork methods.

Your body will be gently stretched, blockages delicately removed and your joints individually mobilized. All this is done in a communicative exchange with you about what can be sensed mindfully in the respective moments.
This first awareness, before change can occur, is the first step on the path to your own authentic and individual well-being.

Don’t believe everything you think.

Yes, this is a bold statement. Sure, many of us think that what we think is true and right. Yet it has been neuroscientifically proven that our brain often produces thoughts that are far removed from reality and truth. These many thoughts – science estimates an average of 60,000 per day – distort our perception both on a mental and physical level. 

Mind-Body Plus starts precisely here. It‘s about getting out of the subjectivity and scatteredness of thoughts and into feeling unique, clear perceptions.

The goal is to make an effective, clean shift that leads out of the overloaded jumble of thoughts and reveals a new inner clarity. That clarity helps to create a wholeness, which will then influence and shift our physical blockages.

Authenticity emerges and you will find yourself no longer riding the thought carousel. You leave the swirl and up and down of the mind with its associated manipulations.

The result is that tensions and fascia adhesions release. A new body-feeling develops, your own intuition is sharpened, new paths of perception and holistic healing occur.


  • You say goodbye to conventions, to the constant sprinkling of societal tips and opinions on how you should be in your roles and discard stuck thought patterns.
  • You open your thoughts and heart for new perspectives and chances.
  • You raise your awareness, benefit from acceptance and action.


  • You learn to feel how your body was originally designed.
  • You draw from a bouquet of proven methods and create your own composition that fits you exactly.
  • You create a new start for your body, give it back its beauty, elegance and authenticity.

The first hour is free of charge