At Pilates Studio Berlin we work exclusively with equipment from the company Gratz. They have been producing this equipment for over 50 years with the finest craftsmanship and precision. Based on the original designs of Joseph Pilates, the equipment builds on and completes each other.

Gratz is the original manufacturer and has blueprints and licenses that no competitor has. Joseph Pilates originally developed the machines for the training of top athletes, for use in rehabilitation, and for bodywork with his students. In the late 1960s, the ideal proportions and dimensions of the equipment were established to ensure that Pilates exercises were done safely and correctly.

The effectiveness of the Pilates exercises depends largely on the ideal proportions of the equipment and their specially crafted, optimally adjusted springs. When it comes to high quality Pilates equipment, leading studios worldwide trust Gratz Industries, simply because they guarantee the best quality without compromise, which translates to effective, safe training.

Video recommendation: Gratz equipment well explained