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Below you find all information regarding PSB‘s (Pilates Studio Berlin-Galina Rohleder) training program to become a certified pilates trainer.

Apart from internships, coaching and workshops we offer two different training programs: “Pilates Mat Trainer” and “Pilates Mat and Apparatus Trainer”.

Programs are run by Galina Rohleder,- a second generation trainer – , together with the team of her Pilates Studio. The claim is to help every student to achieve great knowledge how to classically approach the pilates method, with the result of becoming a highly skilled pilates trainer.

After having successfully finished the program the student will receive a certificate of PSB, for the Mat Training program there is the possibility (latest by 2024) to be acknowledged as a trainer by the “Deutscher Pilates Verband”.

A) Pilates Trainer for Mat


  • 10 prior sessions (Mat or Solo)
  • healthy condition of body and mind
  • some knowledge of English, (program will be also in German though)


4-6 months with a minimum of 80 hours, including seminars and further studio attendance


August/ September 2023


  • in a minimum of 8 weekend seminars, as well as attending the studio in between, learning to perform and teach a basic, intermediate to advanced mat
  • understanding the basic concepts of anatomy (books will be recommended)
  • understanding injuries and applying in case studies
  • 2 tests (written and orally (teaching))



B) Pilates Trainer for Apparatus and Mat


  • 20 prior sessions (Solos or Duos only)
  • some knowledge of English


average of 1 year with a minimum of 6 months, (may be longer if student needs to coordinate with outside schedule like work, study, family etc.)*


anytime as the program is run like an independent study, check with studio for free slots


  • learning to perform and teach the exercises of the whole pilates system from basic to advanced, including the matwork as well as the apparatus: reformer, cadillac, barrels, chairs, ped-o-pull, plus small apparatus
  • 3 x 2 tests (written and orally (teaching))



* if you already are a pilates trainer, working more contemporary, but would like to extend your skills into the classical method, please contact the studio for options


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.
We’ll be happy to help you out with more information.

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To sign in for the program please schedule for a first interview and assessment class.

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