Classical Pilates

Classical Pilates is suitable for all levels of fitness and all ages, by combining about 600 exercises designed to increase coordination, general fitness and focus. With the Pilates machines, not only can one train individual muscles, but also complete muscle groups – the muscles that work together with every movement. It is suitable for everyday exercises and is an excellent sustainable strengthening training for good body awareness.

It is important to us to be there along side you to optimally align your body during the movement sequences, in order to help you strengthen and grow strong. If necessary, we can then carefully correct anything that needs correcting. At our studio, a certified trainer will always instruct and accompany you personally on your journey. This ensures that exercises and sequences of movements are performed safely and in an anatomically correct manner, ensuring the best possible results.

For training, we recommend comfortable clothing without elaborate cords or zippers. Sneakers are not required; instead we recommend socks.

Usually, the first hour in the studio is when the client and trainer agree on training options and define goals in keeping with the client’s individual needs. We are happy to offer a personal preliminary talk, should you wish to talk before the first hour.

Training Options


In this individual lesson, you will experience a tailor-made training routine. During individual training, the equipment and the exercises will be adapted to match your physical needs. You will be trained one on one, enabling you to work effectively and safely on your goals to achieve optimal results. Individual training is done both on the mat and on the Pilates apparatus. 

50 – 55 Minuten * Appointments & Pricing

Short Solo

For those who cannot participate in a full hour or want a shorter workout, we recommend the Short Solo. 

25 – 30 Minuten * Appointments & Pricing


In a duet, two clients train side by side. The training content is tailored to common goals to make training as effective as possible. The duet is recommended for those who already have good previous knowledge. 

50 – 55 Minuten * Appointments & Pricing


The mat lessons are worked through in a small group of a maximum of 6 participants. In addition to a sequence of floor exercises, the classes include exercises with smaller equipment to improve fine motor skills, coordination,and body awareness.

50 – 55 Minuten * Appointments & Pricing


With and alongside your trainer, complete a cardio workout with exercises that flow from one to the next. At the end there will be an exercise specially tailored to your needs. This training session is for anyone who is already familiar with Pilates movements. 

40 – 45 Minuten * Appointments & Pricing


Upon request we can teach on site classical Pilates in companies, studios, or public facilities.

* by appointment.