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Pilates Studio Berlin

The Studio

Pilates Studio Berlin

Classical Pilates in the New York tradition in the heart of Berlin: The light-flooded Pilates studio is located directly on the Kurfürstendamm, overlooking the rooftops of the city. It is fully equipped with the original Pilates equipment from Gratz Industries, which are specially manufactured in the United States. In 1998, Galina Rohleder opened the first Pilates Studio in Berlin, and in 2018 the Pilates Studio Berlin celebrates its 20th anniversary.

Our focus at the studio is always on the whole person, focusing on his or her individual abilities and needs. Every hour we work with what is here and present. That is our starting point, from which we develop tailor-made training movements that personally challenge and encourage each customer. Because we train the body as a whole, classical Pilates is an effective whole body workout. Everything starts from the center – the core – and then the rest follows suit.

Fluid sequences of movement increase flexibility and ensure an optimal supply of oxygen to each cell. With a training plan perfectly attuned to your goals, personal limits can be broadened in each training session. At the same time this will vitalize your physical and mental stance towards the world. Our work focuses on your well-being, on sustainable improvements that will bring you more flexibility and a better quality of life. If you want to create a small, individual workout for travel or home, we can provide this as well upon request.

We offer individual training and training in pairs on the original equipment, as well as mat training in small groups – all with individual instruction. In addition, we can also arrange for classical Pilates training sessions at your company or institution. Our studio is set up for international clients, serving students of different nationalities. We teach classes in German, English and French.


At Pilates Studio Berlin we work exclusively with equipment from the company Gratz. They have been producing this equipment for over 50 years with the finest craftsmanship and precision. Based on the original designs of Joseph Pilates, the equipment builds on and completes each other. Gratz is the original manufacturer and has blueprints and licenses that no competitor has. Joseph Pilates originally developed the machines for the training of top athletes, for use in rehabilitation, and for bodywork with his students. In the late 1960s, the ideal proportions and dimensions of the equipment were established to ensure that Pilates exercises were done safely and correctly.

The effectiveness of the Pilates exercises depends largely on the ideal proportions of the equipment and their specially crafted, optimally adjusted springs. When it comes to high quality Pilates equipment, leading studios worldwide trust Gratz Industries, simply because they guarantee the best quality without compromise, which translates to effective, safe training.

Trainer/ Team

Galina Rohleder
Pilates Studio Berlin - Galina Rohleder, Galina Rohleder

Galina Rohleder has been teaching classical Pilates for over 20 years. In the early 1990s she moved to New York City, where she completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts and worked for numerous modern dance companies and musical shows. During a one-year stay in Asia she studied Chinese dance, Tai-Chi and choreography. As a trained dancer she has worked for the Theater des Westens, among others.

Ms Rohleder first discovered Pilates during her time in New York. While in the original New York City studio, she had the good fortune and privilege to meet Romana Kryzanowska and to personally learn from her for many years. Ms Rohleder completed her training with Romana, making her a "second generation teacher" and was honored to be awarded the original certificate as a trainer of the "Pilates Method of Body Conditioning".

„More flexibility, more circulation, more beauty.“

In 1998 she moved from New York back to Berlin where she started Berlin´s first Pilates studio. She has worked as a Pilates trainer for the Staatstheater Kassel and the Tanztheater of the German National Theater Weimar, to name but a few. After 10 years of teaching in Germany, in 2008 she took a yearlong maternity leave. To this day, Ms Rohleder teaches at her studio along with various companies and institutions such as SAP and the Tanzfabrik Potsdam. Additionally, she continues to expand her knowledge, including learning about other forms of bodywork, such as Feldenkrais, the Susan Klein Technique and general anatomy.

„Minimum of motion for maximum of flow.“

Classical Pilates is a continuing, interesting journey for Ms Rohleder, one that consistently presents new goals, for which Ms Rohleder feels great gratitude. After more than 24,000 hours of teaching, she is keen to share her profound knowledge with a new generation of trainers and to make the best possible use of them as trainers for her students.

„It is not the exercise that does you, you do the exercise. You are in control. Start circulating.“

Lea-Sofie Huber

Pilates Studio Berlin - Galina Rohleder, Lea Huber

Lea Sofie Huber was born in Frankfurt am Main in 1994 and has been living in Berlin for several years. She took her first pilates classes with Galina Rohleder at the age of 18 and started her certification to become a classical pilates trainer at Pilates Studio Berlin in 2016 which she completed in 2017.

Since then she has been working as a free-lance pilates trainer in Berlin, as well as at Pilates Studio Berlin.

She is taking ballet and other dance classes on a regular basis, as well as trying out Tai-Chi and acrobatics. Additionally she is still taking pilates sessions with Galina Rohleder to deepen her understanding of the work of the pilates method.

Claudia Hofmeister Mac Lynn

Claudia Hofmeister Mac Lynn, born in 1975 in North Hesse, came to Berlin in 2017 with her husband and three kids, after living in London for 12 years.

She first came into contact with Pilates in London in 2005. From 2006 to 2009 she trained and certified in contemporary Pilates and has been working as a freelance Pilates teacher since 2009.

In the meantime she switched completely to teaching classical Pilates and started her classical Pilates teacher training with Galina Rohleder in 2019.

I’m addition to her training she has attended many workshops with teachers from around the world teaching the classical Pilates method.

In her free time she likes to go running and has recently started attending ballet classes.

Yamila Macias

Yamila Macias comes from Argentina where she was first certified in the method in 2013. In 2020 she completed a further pilates program based in the US and since the summer of 2021 is part of the team of Pilates Studio Berlin.

Her focus in the work is on great fitness, a flowing workout as well as passing on the meaning of classical pilates, ready to „apply the gained strength and the principles in every day life“.